Volley Australia Official Stateside Launch

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Dubbed “The Sole of Australia” Volley was born when Aussie tennis legend, Adrian Quist won the Davis Cup in a pair of borrowed boat shoes. He later went on to emulate the boat shoes unique herringbone outsole pattern (a perfect design for the tennis court), and the Volley was born.

Like most throwbacks, Volley and their original silhouettes have all seen their on court hey days come and go, but that doesn’t mean the brand is down and out. Kicks like the International, or High Leap have become legend, are engraved in the Australian psyche, and have been seen on the feet of rock legends, supermodels, hipsters, students, and cool kids alike.

Making their stateside debut late last month, Volley is bringing their entire line up along for the trip. Recently the brand has teamed with premium U.S denim label Simon Miller to deliver new takes on their iconic sneakers. Made using Japanese fabrics and a series of indigo based dyes, the co-lab breaths new life into the throwbacks and proves that even after 75 long years, these bad boys are still alive and kickin’.

Check out the entire Volley footwear collection available now via our webshop.

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