Wolverine Centennial 1000 Mile Boot


A signature product for Wolverine and 20th century work-wear, when introduced in 1914 the 1000 Mile Boot was – for lack of a better term a game changer. Thanks to the brands unique tanning methods and design, the 1000 Mile boot earned its name by delivering a soft yet durable construction, said to give you 1000 miles of wear.

In honor of the boots 100 year history, Wolverine has created a take on their staple 1000 Mile Boot designed to replicate the craftsmanship and aesthetic of the first boot introduced in 1914. Dubbed the “Centennial Edition” the boot pays serious homage, making use of the time-tested original 1000 mile pattern, developed 100 years ago and was even constructed in the brands Big Rapids, Michigan factory. For the upper the boot features a Horween Genuine American Bison leather construction and is housed a top a leather outsole and Vibram heel.

Check out both takes on the Centennial Edition no via our webshop.

WBS AW14 1000M_Centenial Group WBS W00910 1000M_Centenial Tan WBSW00913 1000M_Centenial Brown



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