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This Friday on our weekly Friday’s With post we are happy to feature one of our very own DNA Footwear Wearhouse 242 bloggers. Pedro Rodriguez has written some of our favorite posts over the last year. He was the voice behind posts on Volley AustraliaDanner, PONY and many more. We are lucky to have Pedro as part of our editorial team. Outside of his life at DNA Footwear, he has been managing and writing for his own sneaker and culture blog Solesirius. Since 2009, this Brooklyn based blogger behind Solesirius has been one of the leading voices in the sneaker community.

This week we sat down with Pedro to talk to him about Sole Sirius and his experience in the blogging world. Read on for more!

What is Solesirius about?

Solesirius (pronounced Sole Serious) is a blog dedicated to sneaker-heads and the sneaker culture. I cover everything from sneaker previews, release info, customs and events. I got the idea a few years back to start a blog as a way to give back to the community that I had become a part of. As it turns out the blog has given me so many opportunities, and allowed me to meet so many amazing people I would have otherwise never met.

How many shoes do you have in your personal collection? And if you had to choose, what would be your favorite pair?

It’s hard to give you an exact count of how many total pairs, but I can tell you at last count I had 150 pairs from just Nike SB dating as far back as 2005. My collection also includes some must have Jordan’s Nike, Asics, Adidas and Vans. Most recently Asics and Vans have been getting some serious rotation. If I (for whatever terrible reason) found myself in a situation where I had to choose a favorite pair it would have to be my MF Dooms, they’re such a great looking pair, that ostrich skin, so pretty!

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What is your dream pair of shoes?

My dream pair? It’s going to sound lame but I would say the Air Mags are my dream pair. I can image waking up every morning and just stepping into the same shoes Marty Mcfly did in “Back to the Future 2”. I promise I’d wear them around the house like slippers.

What is your favorite local spot to shop in your neighborhood?

Unfortunately my neighborhood doesn’t have a serious spot. If I’m looking to pick something up I’ll head into the city and hit up DQM or Kith or the General Store. If I’m staying in Brooklyn, Homage is my go to.

Who is your style inspiration of the moment?

I wanna be like Kanye! Just joshin’ ya! Honestly I wear what I like. In terms of brands I’m a huge fan of streetwear in general and love Stussy, Obey and Undefeated.

What advice would you give other aspiring fashion and lifestyle bloggers?

Never underestimate the power of a baby step. Almost no one starts at the very top, and hard work does pay off (eventually). I wish I had wiser words but this is pretty much as real as it gets.

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Thank you so much Pedro for interviewing for Wearhouse 242 and giving an inside scoop to Solesirius!  Make sure to check out Pedro on Twitter, Instagram (where all these great shots come from) and Facebook for more street-wear and sneaker culture updates.

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