Trend Alert: Creeper Shoes

You know you’ve seen them on the L train or around Williamsburg: the Creeper…shoe.  I’ve noticed that most people have a love & hate relationship with the thick-sole-shoes. I personally love them mainly because they are much more comfortable than wearing heels AND they give you extra height. Plus, there’s a punk edge to them. My first memory of seeing a creeper shoe was on The Spice Girls (best group, ever), but I found out, thanks to the internet, that these shoes were first  introduced during WWII. Soldiers wore them and then upon their return to England they pretty much invaded the street. Nowadays, there are different types of creepers and many gals and guys have made the shoe fashionable. You can wear creepers with almost anything, but a band shirt and ripped denim are the way to rock them best.

Would you wear creepers? Let us know in the comments!





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