SXSW Diary Part 1: Liza Kindred

The original wearables… this cracks us up!

As sad as we are that we couldn’t make it to SXSW this year, we couldn’t have asked for better eyes and ears to report back from the amazing festival as Liza Kindred. Liza is the founder of Third Wave Fashion, a global speaker and expert in the world of fashion tech and she is literally writing the book on the future of commerce.  A stylish as she is smart (the first time I met her she was wearing the most awesome 3D printed shoes!) she has been attending SXSW for the last 10 years! So stay tuned to W242 over the next few days to hear all of her favorite moments, looks and fashion tech discoveries from the iconic Texas festival!

Day 1: Greetings from Day 1 at SxSW Interactive! We’re here in Austin, Texas for what has often been called “Geek Spring Break.” It’s where 30,000 techies gather to talk about what’s new and next in technology (and enjoy networking and partying in the sun.) We started this morning in a slow-moving line with probably a thousand people in it, all trying to get their badges at once. We picked up the swag bag (“Totes: The Original Wearables”) and caught some speakers: we listened in as people talked about stress as a motivator to greatness, wearable tech, and design bridging the gap between physical and digital. No day in Austin is complete without some time in the sun, so we hit the FastCompany lounge for some nosh, drinks, and rays. We watched some drones fly and saw an artesianal ice man do his thing. We’re taking a break at our hotel–The Driskill, built in 1886, is a truly Texan hotel that is rumored to be haunted. (We love the idea.) We’ll be heading out to some parties next, and will catch you up on all of the fun tomorrow. More soon! x

Driskill Hotel
We’re staying at historic The Driskill Hotel. Bad guests like me are locked in the vault!
Texas is longhorn country.
Texas is longhorn country.
Have ever seen sexier ice? This guy was making it all by hand.
Fast Company Lounge
One of the benefits of coming to SxSW is getting to hang out in the private lounges that the sponsors put together. The Fast Company lounge has been a favorite of ours for years! Sun, bourbon, and tacos…. everything we love about Texas.



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