How To Wear Wednesday: Shellys London Janko Low Heel Sandal

Welcome guest blogger, Olivia, as she shows us all the ways to dress the Shellys London Janko Sandal up and down.

I always like trying new things with my style every few seasons so when I saw Shelly London’s Janko Low Heel Sandals, I had to get my hands on them. I was immediately drawn to the futuristic design, wooden heel and the use of a Velcro closure. It was fun choosing different outfits because the Janko Sandal has a design element all its own that really added to the cool style of each look.

Outfit 1: Sometimes you don’t have time to plan out an outfit or you just forgot! Either way you still need to wear something and look great fast, so for the first look I threw on a dress with a simple silhouette that fits nicely with the shoes. You’ll be ready to go in minutes.

janko 1

Outfit 2: Taking an everyday outfit of denim shorts and giving it an upgrade by the Janko Sandals. Don’t worry, the socks with sandals was a personal choice that doesn’t always work…but it did this time!

DSC_5612 (3)

Outfit 3: First off, I would like to say owning a suit is awesome and everyone should experience it. With that said, I did a lovely pairing of a Kooples maroon suit with the Janko Sandals and I fell in love. The slim cut of the suit complimented the chunky look of the sandal perfectly.

DSC_5661 (2)




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