Celebrate 110 Years Of Gola Classics

Celebrating its 110th anniversary this month (on May 22nd) , Gola is the oldest sportswear brand holding down the retro game to date. Established in 1905, Gola has some serious historic roots, surviving two world wars, a series of owners and its fair share of ups and downs.

Originally sticking to football (soccer) and rugby boots (practically the grandfather to modern-day cleats), Gola would shift directions a bit and focus on a few other sports as well. A few short decades later, thanks in part series of sponsorship deals with some of the best sports stars of the day, and of course the Gola Harrier in 1968 (the brands most popular silhouette), Gola would become a sports powerhouse , ruling throughout the 60s’ and 70s’.

Fast forward to the early ‘2000s and Gola has stepped away from the sportswear limelight, reinventing themselves as a retro sports/ leisure fashion brand, and taking full advantage of the retro craze. The re-introduction of classic and timeless silhouettes like the Quota, Comet and of course, Harrier have not only found a new generation of fans, but have helped push the brand into their 11th decade.


In honor of said celebration, we’ve decided to showcase three of our favorite Gola classics.

Aside from its practically endless history, Gola is very well known for their simple and clean silhouettes. A perfect example would be the Quota. Extremely light weight, the kicks are built using a combination suede and canvas upper, and are paired with navy blue Gola panel stripes.


Our second choice is another simple plimsole classic. Much like the Quota, the Comet features a canvas upper with slightly more supportive midsole, and padding on the tongue and collar.


Last, but by no means least is the Gola Classic, Super Harrier. An updated version to the 1968 original, the Super Harrier saw its heyday in the late 70s’. This particular take sits on a gum outsole and features a durable combination nylon as suede upper.



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