How To Wear Wednesday: The Somerly Mule

Welcome guest blogger, Anna, as she shows us all the ways to wear the Michael by Michael Kors Somerly High Heel Mule Sandals.

I chose the Michael by Michael Kors Somerly High Heel Mule Sandals because of its interesting look. The Somerly Mules are very easy to style, though I think some people may be scared by the appearance and reminded of the original clog looking shoe instead of giving it a chance. These Mules look amazing on the foot and are extremely comfortable. The platform gives you boost and the heel height is not too high. I feel that many of the Michael Kors‘ styles have a traditional design and classic nautical elements.

The Michael by Michael Kors Somerly High Heel Mule Sandals make it effortless to pair with 90% of the outfits in your closet. They’re easy to put on and take off, so totally hassle free for the people that hate dealing with the buckles and ties on heels! If you’re looking for a comfortable trendy heel, the Michael by Michael Kors Somerly High Heel Mule Sandals is a great shoe to purchase.

Look 1: Since I chose dark jeans and the Somerly Mules are dark, I decided to go with a bright tank from Chaser. The colorful Luisa sunglasses from TOMS give my look a little pop!


I would wear this outfit for a dinner date to a casual restaurant somewhere in Park Slope

Look 2: I wanted to show that the Michael by Michael Kors Somerly High Heel Mules don’t have to be worn with a casual outfit. It can be dressed up if you pair it with the appropriate clothing. I decided to stick with a black and white palette to keep it in classic and trendy. The white Chaser V-Back Tank matched flawlessly with a graphic skirt I just got so the outfit meshed perfectly.


I would wear this to a day party or any celebration during the day for a chic, but flirty look.

Look 3: I chose white denim jeans and decided to cuff them since they were a tad too long to show off the Somerly Mules. To complete my monochrome look, I paired the jeans with the white Peace Out Tank from Chaser. For a funky finish, I chose to wear the Kilgore sunglasses from TOMS.


I would most likely wear this monochrome outfit to work since its very comfortable and trendy



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