How To Wear: Soludos Dali Slip-on Espadrilles


Summer is a full event in the city. That means rooftop BBQ’s, beer gardens, and midnight movies in the park. It also means we gotta figure out the best possible way to stay cool. While I’ll always be a sneaker-head at heart, recently the espadrille – specifically the Dali Slip-ons from Soludos has made their way onto my footwear radar. Generally I’m not a huge fan of slip-ons, but there was something about the Dali that really caught my attention. Maybe it’s the brand’s New York roots, or maybe it’s their traditional Spanish design. Or maybe it’s its simplicity. Who knows?

Outfit 1. For my first outfit I paired the espadrilles with a pair of ripped jeans, a simple plain white t and a printed button down. A clean outfit, great for an afternoon or night out.


DSC_8936 (2)

Outfit 2. For my second outfit I paired the slip-ons with a pair of sweat shorts and a graphic tee.


DSC_8966 (2)

DSC_9021 (2)

Outfit 3. If it isn’t obvious by now, I like to keep things simple. For my third outfit  I paired the espadrilles with black jeans, and a grey Henley t shirt.

DSC_9054 (2)


DSC_9076 (2)




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