Tuning 98: HQ Picks

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Here in the HQ at DNA Footwear, we tend to hum our favorite tune or put music on and listen to it collectively in our office. Rihanna’s BBHMM was dedicated to me multiple times whenever it would play. I asked around to find out what song each person currently has on repeat and the results are all over the place. We’ve got a little bit o’country, pop, funk and more. Check out our HQ picks to hear what our employees are currently vibing to and why below!



“Cool for the Summer” by Demi Lovato –  “Because how can you not like the summer anthem of 2015?!”

“Ghost Town” by Adam Lambert – “He’s changing around his style of music, and it’s really working”

“I Got U” by Duke Dumont – “This is going to be my wedding song, nobody take it!”

“Good For You” by Selena Gomez – “Can’t turn down a slow Gomez song”

“Thinking About You” by Calvin Harris – “Don’t trust anyone who doesn’t like a good Calvin Harris song”

“Feeling It All Around” by Washed Out – “For when you want to chill and still be cool”

Lila: “Honey, I’m Good” by Andy Grammer -“This song is on repeat for me right now. I’m a bit of a country girl in a city girl’s life, so I like the crossover country-pop tune. Also, I like what it has to say about how monogamy is difficult sometimes for everyone (especially when you’re drinking and there are beautiful “options” all around you), but worth it when you’re committed to the right person!”

Monique: Brooklyn-based artist- Jidenna’s “Classic Man” -“I love his music and sense of style…his appreciation of fine men’s tailored clothing and furnishings appears to be clearly influenced by the Harlem Renaissance with threads of traditional West African & European aesthetics – which as a men’s buyer I share a common interest as far as fashion goes. If only all men dressed like him.”

Marie-Claire: Major Lazer “Lean on” – “It is always on repeat in our office so I always get it stuck in my head”

Pedro: “Lava Glaciers” by Riff Raff/Childish Gambino – “This track was produced by one of my favorite producers (Harry Fraud) so the beat is incredibly catchy. I enjoy Riff Raff, I think he’s just fun to listen to. Also Gambino is on the track.”


“Hollywood Dreams” by Miguel -“I’m really enjoying the whole album, but I chose this song because it reminds me of when I went to LA. I actually saw Miguel while I was going through airport security so it just goes full circle with that experience”

“BBHMM” by Rihanna – “Somehow people think of me when this song plays, so it is only fair for me to add this – also this remix is cool for summer parties and driving around with the windows down”

Alana: Cheerleader by Omi “It is a fun and tropical sounding song. Uplifting for me”





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