Keeping Your Sneakers Clean

Keeping Your Sneakers Clean

It should be common knowledge at this point that i have a soft spot for sneakers. Nothing crazy; i just really really…REALLY like them.

With that said part of my weekly (sometimes more often) routine is keeping whatever sneakers are in my rotation clean and looking as fresh as possible.

There are many tools and techniques to clean your kicks. For me this consists of

  • A premium shoe cleaning brush
  • microfiber towel
  • a bowl of water
  • EcoSolelution – this is my preferred cleaner as its 100% natural and safe to use on suede and 99% of my kicks are in fact suede.


The first thing your going to want to do is grab a small bowl and fill it with a little water, you aren’t going to need very much. Lightly dip the brush into the water and shake off any excess water – if you cleaning suede¬†you don’t want the brush to be to wet. If you’re cleaning leather any extra water won’t be to much of a hassle.


Next apply a few drops of your chosen sneaker cleaner on to the brush and get to cleaning. Personally when cleaning i start with the midsole, it’s the most absorbent part of the shoe (and sometimes dirtiest) so any excess water will be dispersed here and won’t damage the suede when cleaning it later.


Start scrubbing in small circles to a foam, working your way around the entire midsole before jumping onto the upper. Remember to scrub lightly as possible, the last thing you want to do is damage the suede.


Once you feel as if you’ve finished cleaning wipe off with a towel and repeat all over (if needed). With canvas shoes, dab and twist with the towel to help lift the stain and dry the canvas.



Allow for both kicks to dry naturally, meaning never put them in direct heat or a dryer, because that’s crazy. Once dry you’ll want to apply a a stain and water repellent, For canvas sneakers, use Scotchguard. For premium leather or suede sneakers, Jason Markk Repel does the trick.







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