Vagabond: Being a Modern Shoemaker

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Sustainability and the Modern Shoemaker

a person who wanders from place to place without a home or job.
By definition, a vagabond is more comfortable being on the move than being tied down to one place, one job, one relationship. A vagabond becomes well acquainted with his/her environment and understands the importance and interconnection of all the small details. A vagabond seeks experience over material gain. A vagabond needs the right shoes that will carry them from place to place in comfort and style. Lucky for us vagabonds, designers and brands are tailoring their products to this lifestyle of durability, comfortability and sustainability.
Vagabond, properly named, is leading by example for wearability and sustainability. Vagabond is a brand that has taken the on-the-go lifestyle into account for their hand-crafted designs while holding corporate responsibility for sustainability and craft(wo)manship.
As a true vagabond we want to leave as light of footprints as possible on our path and influence our surroundings in a positive way. Beside the love and craft you see in the final product, we also put great effort in making our production more sustainable. Consciousness about our fashion consumption is becoming widespread and while being proud of what we have accomplished so far, we are also humble towards the challenges ahead. Our first venture into making non-animal shoes using alternatives to leather, is our limited collection of Non-Animal Collection, which I am happy to announce for Spring 2016.
Ever since we founded Vagabond, it has always been important to do everything ourselves — being the only way to assure quality in each step and every detail. After more than 20 years in the business, I can confidently say we have a genuine knowledge for making shoes. The process itself has always thrilled me, the mere challenge of it is perhaps what intrigues me the most. So many things need to fit together; the look, the lines, the comfort and wearability. Since we make every style from scratch, each design is a challenge. However, once I see the outsole and a last fitting together in harmony, it’s a fantastic feeling. Having this story of craft and passion to tell, I felt the times are right to let our customers all over the world get to know us better. The result is what you’re holding in your hands, the very first issue of The Shoemakers Journal. This is what we stand for, our story and why we take such pride in our products.



Check out more of the Modern Shoemaker Story and mission here or pick up your very own The Shoemakers Journal at our Soho and Smith Street locations. And of course check out these delightful shoes for yourselves on the site.





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