3 Fun Things to Do in Sunset Park, Brooklyn

The DNA Footwear warehouse and corporate offices are located in Sunset Park. A Brooklyn neighborhood that few explore; which is such a shame. Sunset Park if filled with excellent food, pretty views, and fun activities! Below are three places in Sunset Park you must go to before leaving New York City:

Go on a Mexican Food Tour

NYC has a very bad reputation when it comes to Mexican food due to California. From the delicious burritos found in Northern California, to the mouth watering tacos found in Southern California, New York is always falling short. However, you may just not be looking in the right place. Manhattan is not the place to go for Mexican food. Sunset Park on the other hand? Jackpot! The best tacos in all of NYC can be found here. Make a day out of it by getting off the 36th St. stop on the R train and head to each of the below places:

Taqueria El Mezcal – This taco spot is very tiny, but the taste is anything but. Stop here first and try a carnitas taco. They’re only $1.50 each!

3910 4th Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11232
b/t 39th St & 40th St

Tacos El Bronco – This taco spot is much larger than the above, so it would be a great place to go if you’re looking to sit down with a group of three or more. The tacos are $1.50-$2.50 each!

4324 4th Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11220

Don Pepe Tortas & Jugos – After you enjoy a variety of tacos from both Taqueria El Mezcal and Tacos El Bronco, head on over to Don Pepe for a torta and some fresh juice. It’s a great place to end your Mexican feast. The tortas here a huge, so definitely share if you can.

3908 5th Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11232
b/t 39th St & 40th St

You will be beyond full after going to the three establishments below, so walk off your fullness by walking around Sunset Park (the actual park, not the neighborhood itself) or by visiting Green-Wood Cemetery. This cemetery has quite a few notable burials including some famous mobsters from the prohibition era, Peter Cooper (founder of Cooper Union), and Charles Lewis Tiffany, the founder of the famous jewelry store, Tiffany & Co.

Check Out Industry City

Industry City is a part of Sunset Park filled with restaurants, shops, and many office building. It started in the 1890s when Irving T. Bush began to build a monumental intermodal manufacturing, warehousing and distribution center. Due to its prominent location, immense scale, and structure that supported a wide spectrum of businesses, Industry City (then known as Bush Terminal) flourished. It quickly became one of most successful facilities of its type, employing nearly 25,000 workers per day and enabling Brooklyn to become a major international seaport.

The area was shut down in the 1960’s and the area decayed over the course of 40 years. In 2013, a developer came in and turned these old warehouses into offices and a place where stores and restaurants could open up shop. Learn more about it here.

Industry City gets better and better each season, so it’s worth a visit every few months. They even have weekly events: yoga, salsa, Zumba, trivia nights…

Visit Extraction Lab

Do you have a coffee snob visiting you? Impress them by taking them to Extraction Lab, a coffee shop inside of Industry City. The space is quite large for a NYC coffee shop, so you won’t feel cramped. The decor is also very minimalist, so it’s very relaxing and inspiring. So what makes this place so unique? The Extraction Lab gives customers the ability to choose their brews based on origin, variety, brand, roaster, processing methods, and more. Then it is brewed in front of you!

Where are your favorite spots to visit in Sunset Park, Brooklyn? Let us know in the comments below!

*Featured image via StreetEasy.



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