Anne Hathaway

Celebrities Usher in Spring With Bold Red Shoes!

With the onset of Spring, it’s not just our moods that are brightening up. It’s our shoes! Red in particular seems to be the color celebrities have chosen to express that dark Winter days are behind us. Indeed, if the catwalks of Paris and our favorite stars have anything to say about it, red shoes…

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Shoe of the Week: Nicole Coolio Flat

Flats are back in time for spring! Check out Anne Hathaway in this effortless look, a belted printed dress paired with simple flats. The dress-flats look is spring’s uniform; keeping us looking fashionable, fresh, cool and comfortable. The perfect shoe for this spring: the Nicole Coolio flat. This fabulous flat comes in four vibrant colors:…

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Shoe of the Week: Jelly Sandals on the First Lady and Anne Hathaway

Summer is here, and with that our winter wardrobe can be given a much deserved break and packed away. Time to take a break from heavy boots and make room for deliciously beautiful summer sandals. However, this summer preparation poses one potential problem: what happens when it rains, and we realize that we’re going to…

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