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The Great Shoe Debate: Children’s High Heels

 Many mothers and health experts ask, “how young is too young to wear high heels?”, while others like Katie Holmes Cruise find it appropriate. In a day and age where children grow up too quickly, the great debate over kid’s high heels heats up. Women wear high heels for the form enhancing features but what reason do little…

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Kid’s Style: Winter Accessories

First, we have to start by saying, “Does it get any cuter than this?!” No, seriously that chunky face, that little happy innocence, the hat! Nothing is cuter than a fat little nugget, okay maybe a fat little nugget WITH a winter hat! You’re not the only one that needs to keep warm this winter,…

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Where Wear? New Year’s Eve Kids

While there is no time left to shop, we’re hoping to give you a little inspiration for your tiny tots this New Year’s Eve. They may not be allowed to stay up as late as the grown-ups, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be as snazzy as them! Don’t leave this kids out this New…

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Holiday Gift Guide (Part Three): Footwear For Kids

The holidays are a special time of year, especially for the wee  tots who believe in the spirit of December. Surprise your little ones this season with DNA Footwear and watch as they unwrap mini shoes (and nothing is cuter than mini shoes). Spoil them with new kicks, boots, sneakers, slippers, and clogs. From UGG…

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Brand Spotlight: Umi Shoes (Kids)

  Umi brings a little love to little feet. Years of experience with different patterns and leathers, gives Umi a step up over their competition. The most gentle hands craft each and every shoe, ensuring the utmost comfort and fit. Every shoe is tested for safety and durability, meeting strict guidelines for child and eco-safe…

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