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Shoe of the Week: Matiko 'Brit'

The latest celebrity gossip: stylish socialite Brittny Gastineau is dating Olympic Medalist Michael Phelps. But what’s really juicy about this picture is the star’s choice of shoes. Seen here strolling in the sun with beau Phelps, Brittny is wearing very trendy cuffed “Brit” boots by Matiko. The Brit bootie instantly turns Brittny’s otherwise simple leggings…

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Kim Kardashian Loves the Cuffed Boot Trend

Ever hear those skeptics that pooh-pooh the fashion trends of today, saying that they’re all just repeats from past decades?  Well, here’s a trend that blows that one out of the water: cuffed boots.  There has truly never been anything like it before.  Check out sultry siren and fashionista Kim Kardashian, who loves this trend….

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