Spring Cleaning?! DNA Footwear & Community Recycling Partner to Recycle Shoes and Raise Funds


*+-  Recycle your shoes, find a solemate, save the planet & your money….A Step in the Right Direction for Fundraising DNA Footwear, in partnership with Community Recycling introduced a shoe-recycling fundraiser that promises ease and engagement for all involved. Community Recycling’s ShoeBox Recycling program recycles gently used shoes for reuse. DNA Footwear is collecting shoes at

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Dress for Success: Empowering Women in the World through Style & Support


*+-Have you ever looked at a flower? Like really gazed into it? Ever wondered how, through such darkness and dirt, something, like a rose, so beautiful, delicate and graceful blossoms? It’s safe to say that the blooming of this beautiful creation would not have even sprouted had it not been nourished with sunshine, water and fertile soil. Born of

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