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Get the Look: Coachella or Bust!

¬† La ¬†Bella at Coachella 2012 With Coachella on the horizon its time to start prepping festival attire. Expanding ¬†festivities for two weekends this year means 6 days of fashion bliss in a desert paradise. Fashion-wise anything goes at the Neo-Woodstock. Creativity is endless on the campgrounds from tie die tents to full body paint….

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Wedding Glam

We’d like to start by congratulating you on your big day. You’re taking a leap of faith… on your footwear choices that is — they have to be PERFECT because, as we know, you’ve been dreaming of this day your entire life. When it comes to ‘Wedding Glam’ you have to make TWO shoe choices:…

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Fall Fashion For Less (Under $100)

As the leaves begin to fall and a chill whisks through the air, you pile on the layers only to look down and realize you’re still wearing sandals. It’s time to place them safely in your closet (don’t worry you can go back and visit them from time to time if they’re lonely) and snag…

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