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Shoe of the Week: Paratrooper Boot by Restricted

Young Hollywood’s latest winter trend seems to be knee high lace up boots. Stars like Taylor Momsen, Katie Cassidy and Taylor Swift love rocking the vintage-yet-edgy style. Get creative and find ways to spice up your boot repertoire, while still looking classy and relevant. Lace up boots are the perfect way to do this because…

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Shoe of the Week: Sequin Pumps

In today’s day and age of “little black dresses,” what makes or breaks any given black-tie outfit are the accessories: a dazzling piece of jewelry or a striking pair of shoes. The latest Hollywood trend brings you both in one and is sure to add flavor to any cocktail dress of your own. Sequin pumps…

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In Style Magazine Knows L.A.M.B. Heels Rock

In any fashionable woman’s closet, there should be two essential items, which In Style Magazine has smartly recognized. The first, the cargo pant, is not only supremely comfortable, but “in” as far as fashion mongers are concerned. Especially now that it’s spring, and fast approaching summer, cargo pants are also lightweight, so you don’t have…

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