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The History of Footwear: A Timeline Flashback

Travel back in time with us as we explore the history of footwear. 1920’s — The 1920’s were about  the fashionable flapper, flaunting short hair, short skirts, and risqué shoes with kitten heels. 1940’s — During WWII with nationalism at a height, footwear took a backseat and fashion lacked the importance it held in the 1920’s….

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Shoe of the Week: Jelly Sandals on the First Lady and Anne Hathaway

Summer is here, and with that our winter wardrobe can be given a much deserved break and packed away. Time to take a break from heavy boots and make room for deliciously beautiful summer sandals. However, this summer preparation poses one potential problem: what happens when it rains, and we realize that we’re going to…

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