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Flattering Flats

What woman wouldn’t want to be fashionably comfortable this summer?  Exactly, we all do! This is why we are going back to basics with creatively chic strappy flat sandals.  Whether they are gladiator inspired like our super fresh Ivory Red Cayman Hi Flat Sandal by Jeffrey Campbell or simple and trendy like Damiani’s Leopard Flat…

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Lavish in all Things Juicy

From flops to low tops, Juicy Couture has all your go to summer essentials! Juicy Couture finds inspiration and embraces all things glam and all things bright. This summer you can incorporate a little sparkle with Juicy’s Figi Thong Sandal and bring chic to the beach. Its striped canvas is fresh and fun while the…

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Wedge Side Story

Believe it or not, there is a bit of a wedge divide this summer. Some women love their wedges super tall, while others prefer to stay a bit closer to the ground. Do you love the added leg length you get from over 3” wedges or is do you prefer the 2” wedge range?  Or…

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Shoe Brand: Juicy Couture

Anchors Away with Juicy Couture Warm weather days always bring sailing to mind – granted I am nowhere near any regattas – but at least I can enjoy one aspect of this enjoyable sport – the fashion. Juicy Couture, makers of chic, comfortable and stylish clothes and shoes has some great footwear options for you…

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Viva La Juicy

Leave the velour tracksuits behind because Juicy Couture is a whole new brand of cool. Who would’ve thought that a tiny tracksuit company could spawn a pink revolution filled with perfume, jewelry, kid’s clothes, and footwear?! Juicy Couture grew in popularity in the early 2000’s because of celebrities like Madonna and Jennifer Lopez. What many…

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