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As Seen in… Frye for Footloose

The 80’s cult classic Footloose is back and better than ever (well, at least the footwear is)! According to She Finds, “nearly every pair of boots worn by Julianne Hough throughout the movie are Frye”. Hough’s cowgirl style kept her clad in daisy duke shorts or jeans, skin tight tops, and distressed Frye boots throughout…

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Shoe of the Week: Bromley Boot by Michael Kors

Julianne Hough has good taste in men–she’s currently in a high profile relationship with TV’s cutest presenter, Ryan Seacrest. Ryan and Julianne stroll the streets of Paris hand in hand looking adorably in love. But Julianne’s good taste extends beyond men; she has fabulous style worthy of the compliment of imitation. From the simple jeans…

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