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Just In: DNA Footwear boots

Although DNA Footwear prides itself in bringing you all the best footwear & accessories brands out there, we also want to bring you our very own style! Some of you may already be familiar with our DNA Footwear leather accessories and summer-perfect sandals. Also, who can forget the iconic Josie boot!? However, this fall we…

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Just In: Kanna Shoes

Kanna Shoes, founded 30 years ago, is more commonly known for its Mediterranean inspired summer espadrilles and sandals. Hailing form the Murcia region of Spain, which is renowned for its jute products, Kanna are committed to making top quality products using natural fibers such as jute, raffia, straw and cotton which lend themselves perfectly to…

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Just In: H by Hudson

Despite what that weather widget is telling you on your phone, Fall IS HERE. The leaves are starting to change colors; kids are counting down whatever is left of their irresponsible freedom filled days. My allergies are starting to win the fight, and soon, very soon, everyone is going to be up on their layer…

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Just In and Introducing: Atelje 71

Back in February, we visited Sole Commerce to check out new collections of shoes and accessories from brands all over the world. When we saw Atelje 71, a booth full of seriously cool, fashion-forward shoes, we needed to know more immediately. After trying on a “few” pairs of samples and taking photos, we learned about Atelje 71. Founders,  Åsa Larsson and David Giordano told us…

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Just in: Chelsea Crew Spring Collection

We love when we receive new Chelsea Crew boxes in the warehouse because it means that there are fresh styles to fawn over. Chelsea Crew is known for adding funky, retro twists to it’s shoes. This season is no different as we have seen bold, bright colors and classic silhouettes. Take the Nelly, a mid-heel with colorblock…

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