Kourtney Kardashian

Get the Look: Coachella or Bust!

  La  Bella at Coachella 2012 With Coachella on the horizon its time to start prepping festival attire. Expanding  festivities for two weekends this year means 6 days of fashion bliss in a desert paradise. Fashion-wise anything goes at the Neo-Woodstock. Creativity is endless on the campgrounds from tie die tents to full body paint….

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Kristen Cavallari Wears Ugg "Amelie" Wedges

Wedges have made a comeback in a big way.  This year, fashionistas are wearing wedges with a hippie-chic vibe: the current trend is for the wedge part of the shoe to be made from a natural material, like cork, raffia, or wood.  These natural shades and textured give this modern trend a timeless twist.  Wedges…

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