spring/summer 2012

Designer Spotlight: NewbarK

What gal doesn’t heart cute shoes? Designers and sisters Maryam and Marjan Malakpour literally “heart them” for their spring NewbarK collection. As a stylist, I’m always looking for unique shoes for photoshoots, as well as fashionable and comfortable ones for my own busy feet. So, when I came across this fairly new shoe line from fellow stylists,…

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Designer(s) Spotlight: Vivienne Westwood + Melissa

What do you get when you mix quirky British style with eco-friendly Brazilian shoes? Possibly the most interesting and unique collaboration in footwear history! “The Queen of Punk Fashion”, Vivienne Westwood, has for decades been known for making “punk” mainstream. She has come a long way from being known as the designer who famously create killer…

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Designer Spotlight: Vanessa Mooney

Inspired by the world around her, Vanessa Mooney tries her hand at footwear designing. The designer creates handmade footwear inspired by the vintage shoes you wish you could fit into, as well as by the arts and crafts she finds in her travels—but there is nothing crafty about them. These shoes are carefully hand stitched…

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Designer Spotlight: Brian Atwood

Brian Atwood is kind of like the homecoming king of shoes. He has it all—model looks, great taste, and some serious popularity on the red carpet. Now, he’s reaching women all over the country with his more affordable line, “B Brian Atwood.” Launched this past fall, “B” may be one of the best collections from a…

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Designer Spotlight: Kathryn Kim

A good shoe shouldn’t take itself so seriously, yet is still wearable by the fashion-forward femme — Kathryn Kim creates just that. Based in the Nolita neighborhood in NYC, designer Kathryn Kim designs every handmade shoe from iconic styles of the past, updated with playful modern elements. She’s especially inspired from the 80’s, Hollywood glamour,…

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