Transition into Spring with Flip Flops

Please welcome our very first, very shoe-loving, GUEST POSTER! Angie also blogs at PreciselyMine on Blogspot and you can find her on Twitter @theladya. Do YOU want to blog for us? Click here. It’s barely May and we still have a while to wait for summer, but both guys and girls alike have already pulled…

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Shoe of the Week: Bromley Boot by Michael Kors

Julianne Hough has good taste in men–she’s currently in a high profile relationship with TV’s cutest presenter, Ryan Seacrest. Ryan and Julianne stroll the streets of Paris hand in hand looking adorably in love. But Julianne’s good taste extends beyond men; she has fabulous style worthy of the compliment of imitation. From the simple jeans…

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Sex and the City: Neutral Color Shoes Are Essential

The lovely ladies from Sex and the City are all beautiful, yet unique. This statement encompasses their fashion choices as well.  However, though different from each other, Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte all possess a natural sense of style that always looks trendy and sexy. This innate sense of style, though different from one another,…

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