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Hot Trends: Aztec Accents and Native Nuances

Techno tribal meets natural beauty seems to be the way of the fashion warrior this 2012 spring/summer and as I start to plan my wardrobe for Coachella I am not opposed to this movement. The peaceful hues combined with clashing patterns has me at odds with my paycheck trying to determine which shoes and accessories…

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Men’s Style: Let’s Go Native

Inspired by classic, super casual silhouettes, but made with the lightest and most comfortable materials around, Native shoes are the best of both worlds. The Jefferson by Native is the footwear of the future — they’re the Minority Report of the shoe world. Believe me, you won’t commit any future style crimes with these beauties….

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Rain, Rain, Go Away!

The leaves have changed and soon they will coat the ground in a thin layer of red, orange, and yellow, only to be washed away by fall rain storms. If you’re like us, you enjoy the soothing sound of the rain’s pitter patter but detest the thought of venturing into the city in the downpour….

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