Tuning 98: HQ Picks

warehouse picks

*+-Here in the HQ at DNA Footwear, we tend to hum our favorite tune or put music on and listen to it collectively in our office. Rihanna’s BBHMM was dedicated to me multiple times whenever it would play. I asked around to find out what song each person currently has on repeat and the results are

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Tuning 98: American Jams

americana jams

*+-Turn up the grill, put on your best Americana gear and play all the American jams you know this weekend for Independence Day. Whether you’ll be chilling in the Hamptons like 90% of New Yorkers or hanging out in your Brooklyn backyard, these tunes will amp up all the patriotic feels and have you yelling out

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Tuning 98: Summer Jams

summer jam

*+-  Between Coachella, Northside Festival and Govenor’s Ball, etc…there is so much new music to consume and create new memories for Summer 2015. My favorite thing about music is that if you listen to a song it can bring you back to an exact moment. Whether it be that time you saw your favorite band live or

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