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Where Wear? New Year’s Eve Kids

While there is no time left to shop, we’re hoping to give you a little inspiration for your tiny tots this New Year’s Eve. They may not be allowed to stay up as late as the grown-ups, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be as snazzy as them! Don’t leave this kids out this New…

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Where Wear: New Year’s Eve Men’s Style

It may be easy for women to find New Year’s Eve shoes, but for most men the task is daunting. Here is a brief guide to NYE shopping for Men: 1. Stick to basic black, which goes with everything and is classic. 2. Don’t spend more than $150 on shoes you most likely won’t wear…

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Where Wear? New Year’s Eve

Pop the champagne. Que the fireworks. Grab your significant other (or a random. No judgement here). Let’s party like it’s New Years Eve! Typically, New Year’s Eve shoes are sparkly, glittery, crystal-encrusted, overly-detailed hot messes but this year we’re toning it down. While we still appreciate a little glitter, please for the love of all…

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The Great Footwear Debate: To Sparkle or Not To Sparkle

New Years Eve is quickly approaching and every magazine and blog is splattered with smiling faces and sparkly shoes. From Jeffrey Campbell to Miu Miu, sparkles have become synonymous with New Years and party attire but can there be TOO MANY sparkles? Sparkly footwear is a surefire way to grab the attention of the cute…

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Budget Friendly Friday: New Years Eve Edition (Yes, really)

New Year’s Eve might be a couple of months away but it’s never too early to start thinking of ways to save money. One of the top resolutions people make each year is to spend less money and with DNA Footwear it’s easy! Here are a few looks that will make you can sparkle and…

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