Loving our Manolitas

How can we not love the Guatemalan inspired brand 2568. 2568 creates vibrant handcrafted shoes in both boot and flat styles. ¬†Their shoes are uniquely designed with decorative textile detailing and fused with lush vivacious colors that can either be slipped on or laced up. You can add a little spice to your looks this…

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How To: Look Skinnier (w/ a little help from your shoes)

We know your new year’s resolution is to slim down but face it, you’re 6 days into January and you’ve yet to hit the treadmill. With a little help from DNA and the ultimate nude pump, fool the eye into thinking you’re skinnier than ever. Since we’re not all Victoria’s Secret models we have to…

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Trend Tuesday: Go Nude

If all the stylists said you should go nude, would you? Well you should! Nude shoes look great on everyone with a variety of different shades available to match your skin here at DNA Footwear.¬†When your heels blend with your legs, it elongates them AND there is no color that nude clashes with, so you…

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