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All Americana: Products That Are Made in America

President’s Day: a day to celebrate the President’s of the United States, past and present. And, if you’re lucky, you also get the day off and get to scroll through all the online sales. We’re celebrating the day by highlighting a few of our favorite American made products. Brands such as Danner, Eastland, Vintage Shoe Company, Wolverine 1000 Mile and Wolverine 1000…

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“As American as Apple Pie”. That’s one way to describe the outcome of a 1963 collaboration between Red Wing and Baseball Legend, Ted Williams.  Dubbed the Supersetter 888, (or Kangatan, as it was commonly referred to) the extra high boot was not only impressive in terms of style, but featured a quality few boots have…

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Men’s Style: David Beckham Rugged in Red Wing

I may be a girl but I know a thing or two about what I want to see on my (imaginary) man: Red Wing boots a la David Beckham. Did I mention that I wouldn’t mind if David Beckham happened to come along with with the 1907 Heritage Classic Lifestyle Moc Boots? These rugged boots…

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Men’s Style: Get the (David Beckham) Look

Work boots are another huge trend you will see a lot of this year. Companies like Red Wing have come out with some really cool boots that will last years as well as adding points to your “manly” status without you having to chop down trees, work on phone lines or, heaven forbid, fix power…

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Men’s Style: Rugged Footwear

Rugged footwear to keep you singing and dancing in the rain…and the sleet…and the snow…and you get the picture.  When searching for rugged footwear, we’ve always turned to tried and tested brands that have passed the test of time in seeing us through many a fall and many a winter. We turn to the same…

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Shoe of the Week: Red Wing Boots

Drake’s latest project: The Red Wing Boot Gang. It is not surprising that Red Wing boots have taken such a spotlight in pop culture today, to the point that Drake’s musical entourage is borrowing the trademark for their crew name. Red Wing boots have always been one of America’s staple footwear brands. What makes Red…

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