Footwear News: Converse to Launch Skate Shoes

 {Sources: Bing & Pinterest — Current Collection Photos Unavailable} On January 18, 2012,  Nike announced that the beloved Converse corporation will launch several collections of skate shoes in Spring 2012.  As part of the Converse Skate Ambassador Collection, pro skaters Nick Trapasso, Anthony Pappalardo and Kenny Anderson will each have shoes released on February 1st,…

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Holiday Gift Guide: Footwear for Athletes

I may only run on the treadmill, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know a thing or two about the importance of proper athletic footwear. Way back in the day, before I found solace in sequins and leopard print, I use to play nearly every sport. For those who know me this may be a shocker…keep in…

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How To: Athletic Shoe Shop

If you know me, you know I’m not the MOST athletic of individuals, so in writing a ‘How To: Athletic Shoe Shop’ post, I conducted endless research. From all of the references, this is what I learned and am imparting this wisdom on you. “Athletic shoes are a $20 billion industry, and there are hundreds…

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