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Trend Tuesday: All Denim Everything

  ◊◊◊ ◊◊◊ ◊◊◊  ◊◊◊ A◊◊◊ L ◊◊◊ L ◊◊◊ D ◊◊◊ E ◊◊◊ N ◊◊◊ I ◊◊◊ M  ◊◊◊ E ◊◊◊ V ◊◊◊ E ◊◊◊ R ◊◊◊ Y ◊◊◊ T ◊◊◊ H ◊◊◊ I ◊◊◊ N ◊◊◊ G ◊◊◊ ◊◊◊ ◊◊◊ ◊◊◊  Vans, Converse and UGGS have got the blues…Blue Jeans that is and Lana Del Rey even has a song named…

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Blowout Sale

Nearly 4,000 of the top shoe brands are currently listed in our BLOWOUT SALE ; the hottest styles and brands for a fraction of the price. It should be a illegal to sell footwear for these prices, but when it comes to the law of shoes their are no rules! Get your greedy hands on…

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As Seen In…OK!

We may have had it up to HERE (raises hand above head) w/ the Twilight tweens, but we can’t get enough of OK!’s ‘Hot This Week’ lists. This week, along with DL1961 denim and Lauren Merkin clutches, OK! recommends a dose of  Yosi Samra flats to alleviate midweek blues. An extension of the J. Loren…

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How to: Walk in High Heels (like a pro)

If you saw today’s news article about models’ feet after fashion month, your foot concerns are as heightened as ours. Is it time to trade out the flatforms for flats or our high heels for Havaianas?! Don’t store your pumps in the closet quite yet, instead follow our ‘How to: Walk in High Heels’ Guide…

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In Her Shoes: Sarah Jessica Parker

Ever wonder how you can walk a mile in Sarah Jessica Parker’s shoes? No, we can’t offer you three best friends, a dream closet, or a successful journalistic career, but what we can offer you is Yosi Samra flats. You too can scamper around town like a celebrity in the “Hottest Fall Fashion Buys For…

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